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Being a Vietnam Veteran was a great source of pain and pride for you Dan. You will be remembered by this "DoC" as such forever. Jeff DeVilbiss

James William Evans, RA, from Texas passed away in November. There was no funeral service for him, only a graveside service. James was stationed in Fort Hood Texas, Fort Rucker ALabama, Fort Polk LA and spent 2 tours in Viet Nam. I will always remember him for his kindness and love.

His first wife, and only love.


Gunnery Sergeant Jimmie Vaughn was my husband, a man fiercely dedicated to everything that the Marine Corps embodies. He died on September 3, 1976, a recruiter on active duty, Emporia, Kansas. Because of him, and the GI Bill afforded him through service in Vietnam, I, his widow, graduated from college with a master's degree and am now a teacher. Thank you, Jimmie. After all these years, I still miss you and still carry your name. It meant that much to me. Valhalla is graced by your presence. "Babe"

Hello, I'm Sandy Burleson. My uncle, Herman Hoyt Smith was a Sergeant and a Medic in Korea, but he never talked about it. He committed suicide on April 18, 1998, after a long, dibilitating illness, without ever telling his family about what happened to him in Korea. He spent his whole life, being as honorable and decent as he could, and I would like to make this memorial for him.



I am the wife of John Nation, retired 1982 and deceased June 14, 97. My husband was an outstanding soldier and instructor. He would never settle for less than excellence from his troops, many of which came back years later to thank him for getting them started in their Army Career the right way. He was also with the Gunnery Department, Instructor Branch at Ft Sill, Ok and at Camp Red Cloud in Korea. He served two tours in Viet Nam, one with the 2nd Inf. Bn and the other with the Big Red One. He also tried to volunteer for Desert Storm. He was always proud of his profession and I and his children were and still are very proud of him. He passed away from Agent Orange related cancer. We will never forget him and the Army lost a valuable, patriotic, dedicated soldier.


Roger Thomas died recently.He served in the Marine Corp from 69-71.he was a Vietnam veteran.The one thing he was most proud of in his life was serving in the Marines and in vietnam.Roger was a talker who could make you beleive anything.He always had a smile even through all the suffering he had to endure through his long illness.I MISS YOU ROGER!!!

My name is Jane Muserilli,my husband SSG Charles Muserilli(Sgt. Moose, as some might remember) died in a tragic vehicle accident in Croatia on October 21,1996. I realize that it has been some time since his death, but I just found this web site. My husband was a good man and good father. He was stationed at Lackland AFB prior to PCSing to Germany and then on to Bosnia. His death was not put on the national news and I know he met some fine people along the way and I thought that anyone who might have known him should know what happened. I miss him. When I look into the past all I see is the emptiness of loosing my best friend in an accident that should have never happened, but when I look into the future I remember the person that I loved and that helps me to accept what has happened and keep on going.

This is for my grandfathers, Jack J. Shilling, Jr. and Douglas L. Canning. They both served in the army during WWII. My grandpa Jack died in 1983 of a brain tumor, and my grandpa Doug died in 1986 of a heart attack. I would love to hear from anyone who served with them. They were great men, and I miss them greatly every day of my life.

  -Tracie Ivey(

My Grandfather, Louis Moraniec was a World War II Veteran. He passed away in 1994 due to cancer. He used to tell me stories when I was young of how the times were back during the war. I love you Grandpa. I'll always be proud of you. I hope you're proud of me.

  Your loving grandson,

  Adam R. Moraniec

Hello my Name is Marvette Shuman Decker, My Father spent his entire life either working for the Military. He inlisted in 1950, I have papers stating he was called to duty October 1951 He was not old enough to be in the military but he got in. He wasn't born until 1934, but his papers say 1932. My father was discharged after they found out but they gave my father a Honorable Discharge then He joined the Navy when he was of age. He also received a Bronze Metal, but I only have the paper I have no Idea who took the Metal when my Father past on in 1984. He spent most of his Adult life Working as an Nuclear Engineer. Until lunge cancer, took his life. I just want people to know who he was he loved his Country and would have and did give his life for what he believed in. I want to thank you all. If anyone remembers my Father I could use all the info I can get on his Military Life all I have is what I have on Paper. Which only states where and when he was in the Army, Navy & National Guard. Thank you Marvette Shuman Decker My E-Mail Address is

LT Bernard J. "Bud" Cronin, born Dec 3, 1919, passed away Nov 14, 1998, in Hudson Falls, New York. During WW2, he served with the US Army, in Company F, 2nd Infantry, 5th Infantry Div. He saw action is Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, and the Rhineland. As a First Lieutenant, he was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action during combat in France. Three of his Company commanders were killed in action, and as a Platoon Leader, took charge, re-organized his unit, and succeeded in achieving it's objective. He also was awarded 4 Bronze Stars for bravery, in four other combat actions. Family, friends, and comrades will surely miss this hero of WW2!

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