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Believe it or not (yes believe it) people are emailing us constantly about where to get good software. So instead of having to answer each one separately and you spending the time sending and waiting for our answer we have posted these. They cover the main areas people have asked for. We also are posting some free CGI scripts that we use and are fairly simple to install. If they were not we wouldn't be using them JJ. The software also is freeware, there is so much good freeware out there it is rare we buy any software at all. So if you need some here it is. On the CGI if you want it but can't install it we will do it for you but we ask you pay a small fee. The fee goes to support VetsCom so it's a win-win situation.
The majority of these programs are for Windows 95 and 98 where there is a 3.1 version it is indicated by a green 3.1. Many of these require the Visual Basic Run Time Libraries which are available free at http://www.xs4all.nl (a Hollander with a since of humor). Notice no grading marks. Why? If they weren't good, we wouldn't list them. Doesn't make sense to list something that's no good. Also check the side bars for really super programs and the ads for a couple of great commercial ones for advertiseing. I make those so in the long run VetsCom will get that to:-).

Freeware - Business and Home- Word Processing
#1-Cetus C pad, rightfully touted as a replacement for Notepad, Cetus C Word Pad replaces both Notepad and Word Pad and unless you need a industrial strength word processor for more than just letters this is it. All the standard word processing features to include an excellent spell checker embedded objects so you can have pictures and mail merge. It's also MAPI complient so you can email your document right from C Pad plus add-ons for over 12 languages. If all you do is straight forward letters there is absolutely no need to spend a dime much less enrich the coffers of Microsoft. http://cetussoft..com
#2 Dick Chase's Java Editor it's that an a good replacement for the notepad but just the notepad. No spell checker but other features that make it unique and perfect for webmasters who have a lot of Java. It is also great if you want just a quick notepad. It loads in an instant. One cute feature is that if you want to know how your text would look on the web just hit the button calling up your browser and there is it yet no HTML. Handles multiple documents, large documents and more.Dick Chase's Java Editor
#3 WinVi it opens faster than a speeding bullet, loads large files in a single load and is much more powerful than the 98 pound weakling Notepad. Programmers will love, UNIX gurus forced to use windows will like it since it is a Windows version of Vi and it free. One other unique feature is line numbers. If you write large documents it sure helps to know where you are at proofing them. Every line is numbered. However the numbers when turned off disappear even from previously saved document.. Alas no spell checker otherwise the perfect replacement. WinVi (English) also in German and Spanish + more.
#4 Star Office Suite a complete and I mean complete office suite with everything you would want or need. This is the main office suite I've found packaged with LINUX the hot OS that without meaning to is starting to give folks in Redman fits. The layout is slightly different than you have been conditioned to but once you get the hang of it forget MS. The problem? 53 meg download but available on CD for a small fee. 20 bucks or so versus 500 and change, no contest. http://stardivision.com
#6 Wordworth super word processor with all sorts of features just missing one a spell checker. Other than that an excellent product. Digita Wordworth Registration
#7 Wordweb a dictionary and thesaurus that;s worth the 4 meg download and then some. Together with Wordworth and you have the same thing others want close to a hundred dollars for. +Crossword help.WordWeb - the free English thesaurus and dictionary
Freeware - Business and Home- Financial
#1 Budget 2 home or office doesn't matter an excellent program to figure out where the money is going. Easy to use, cash flow system that provides charts as well as pure numbers. http://www2.dynamite.com.au/pmc/budget2.html
#2 Critec Accounting nothing less than a complete program for business accounting yet easy enough for use at home. As good as Quickbooks just a lot cheaper being free. One disadvantage only available through the programmer on a very slow connection in New Zealand but worth the effort. http://www.critec.co.nz
#3 Loan Calculator Plus Five different calculators in one program to help your figure your real cost for almost any type of load. An excellent freeware accessory for anyone who uses credit. I think that covers all of us. http://pine-grove.com/pi03002.htm
#4 Junior Invoice Manager a complete invoice manager for the small and home business. Invoicing plus stock control, customer management and more. Download Form www.paga.com/download.html
#5 Calc 98 not just another calculator but one with financial and time calculating functions. An excellent accessory. Calc98 Free (Freeware) Scientific Engineering Financial Calculator Download Page
Freeware Business and Home - Graphics
#1Ultimate Paint (UP) familiar with Paint Shop. Many think this is just as good and many because of it's extra features think it's better. The big difference is about 50 dollars. UP if free. Ultimate Paint Homepage
#2 20/20 this one could be better than both. Feature rich handles format after format. Easy to use for all levels of expertise and beginners. A very god program for starting out with excellent help files. Download 20/20
#3 Zy Graphics 3D Title Maker a on line program. You must be connected to them but fantastic 3d Titles and animated titles easily made on line.ZY.Com
#4 Icon Shop have your way with icons! Librarian, manager, editor and much more all for free and just like icons a very small program. Get this even if right now even if you don't have an interest. Programs as good as this won't be free for long. LionTech
#5 Res Thief from the same shop as Icon Shop. It will go through files you send it to and copy all the icons. Drop MS Office on it and get enough icons for the rest of your life:-) LionTech
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